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Host A Yoga Retreat In The Himalayas
The Birthplace of Yoga

Dunagiri Retreat Overview

Elevate Your Retreat Experience at Dunagiri Retreat: A Premier Destination for Leaders and Groups

Located in the breathtaking landscape of the Himalayas, Dunagiri Retreat stands out as a premier destination in Uttarakhand, India specifically crafted for yoga instructors, wellness professionals, and spiritual guides aspiring to lead transformative group retreats. Founded in 2005 by Piyush Kumar, a former World Bank executive and tech entrepreneur, Dunagiri Retreat was conceived to provide an extraordinary backdrop for personal and collective growth, drawing on the inspirational essence of "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda and the spiritual legacy of Mahavatar Babaji.

Designed with Leaders in Mind: Facilities and Accommodations

With 23 beautifully appointed rustic luxury rooms, Dunagiri Retreat offers comfortable lodging suitable for groups of various sizes, ensuring a restful stay amidst the natural splendor of the Himalayas. Our retreat is equipped with a spacious Yoga Hall and a serene Pyramid Meditation Hall, each capable of hosting up to 50 participants. These versatile spaces serve as the perfect setting for yoga sessions, workshops, and meditation gatherings, allowing leaders to facilitate a comprehensive retreat experience.

Supporting Your Vision: Safety, Wellness, and Exceptional Service

At Dunagiri Retreat, we prioritize the safety and well-being of all guests, creating a nurturing environment that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds. Our commitment extends to providing retreat leaders with unparalleled support, from planning stages through execution, ensuring a seamless and impactful retreat experience. Our dedicated team offers exceptional hospitality, with tailored services to meet the unique needs of your group, fostering an atmosphere of comfort, learning, and growth.

A Sanctuary for Transformation and Connection

We invite retreat leaders to explore the unique opportunity Dunagiri Retreat presents: a chance to deepen the bonds within your group, facilitate personal discoveries, and experience collective rejuvenation. Nestled near the revered Mahavatar Babaji Cave, our retreat offers a potent blend of spiritual heritage and natural beauty, providing an ideal setting for those seeking to embark on a journey of transformation and connection.

Join Us at Dunagiri Retreat: Where Leaders Create Legacies

Dunagiri Retreat welcomes you, the leaders and changemakers, to make our sanctuary your own. Here, amidst adventure, peace, and discovery, you will find the perfect backdrop to inspire and transform lives. Let Dunagiri Retreat be the canvas upon which you paint your group's journey of enlightenment and wellness.



Retreat Leaders & Participants Love Us

Why Choose Us?

We provide end-to-end assistance from planning your group's itinerary and making travel arrangements between New Delhi Airport and Dunagiri, to providing exceptional hospitality during your stay so you can focus on conducting your retreat. Your participants can experience India at its authentic finest — without its hassles. 

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Transportation Assistance

End-to-end assistance from the time you leave home and come back. 

Kumaon Delicacies in Dunagiri Retreat.png

Ayurvedic Meals

Farm-to-table organic meals that nourish your mind, body, and soul.

3. Dwaraka Beds.HEIC

24 spacious and comfortable rooms with clean modern toilets.


Experienced Owner

Operated by Piyush Kumar ex-World Bank Executive from the United States.


50-person Yoga Hall and 40-person Pyramid Hall to conduct sessions.


Local Guides For Excursions

Hikes and walks to Mahavatar Babaji's Cave, holy temples, and cultural immersions.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival At Dunagiri Retreat

Experience the serenity and spiritual aura of Dunagiri Temple, a sacred site with a rich history.

Day 4: Pandukholi Nature Trek

Trek to the ancient and revered Pandukholi peak, surrounded by lush forests and Himalayan vistas.

Day 2: Mahavatar Babaji's Cave

Immerse yourself in the mystique and tranquility of Mahavatar Babaji's Cave.

Day 5: Meditation & Sunset at Sukhadevi

Engage in introspective meditation at the Pyramid Hall, followed by a sunset trek to Sukhadevi.

Day 3: Meditation at Babaji's Temple

Reflect on the cave's profound impact through guided meditation and introspection.

Day 6: Breakfast & Check-out 11 AM

Reflect on your personal growth and bid farewell after a nourishing breakfast.

Speak With Us

If you are interested in hosting a retreat and have questions, please use the calendar below to schedule a call with our team.

This meeting is reserved for retreat leaders and large group trip organizers. If you would like to visit Dunagiri Retreat as an individual traveller, please call us on Whatsapp at +919810267719.

"Everything contributed to the full success of our Qi Gong retreat: the location, the superb rooms, the billions of flowers, the delicious food and all the staff."

Pragata, Portugal


1. How many rooms do you have and what are the group room rates?

Room rates range from $100/night to $200/night. We provide up to 23 rooms ranging from Standard Rooms and Suites. We also provide options for single and double occupancy. Our rates include all meals and taxes. Please feel free to Book A Call to get a personalized quote depending on your needs.

2. Are there any special offers for retreat leaders?

In appreciation of your leadership, we offer complimentary room and board when you book a minimum of 10 paid rooms. It's our gesture of gratitude for choosing Dunagiri Retreat.

3. What spaces are available for group activities?

Indeed, we offer our Yoga Hall for groups of 30-50 participants, perfect for enriching both body and soul, equipped with luxury mats, props, and accessories. The Pyramid Meditation Hall and the sacred Mahavatar Babaji Temple can also accommodate similar numbers, providing serene spaces for reflection and connection.

4. Is transportation available for arrangement?

Travel with ease: We take delight in arranging reliable taxis from the nearest train station or airport. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive package from the New Delhi Airport to ensure a smooth arrival at our retreat.

5. Can you cater to specific dietary needs?

Delight in our cuisine: Our kitchen is 100% vegetarian and ready to meet vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free preferences. We serve organic, farm-to-table meals that are both nourishing and satisfying, adhering to the principles of healthy Ayurvedic cuisine.

6. Could you outline the deposit and payment schedule?

Secure your retreat: We require a 10% deposit upon booking, followed by 45% three months prior, and the remaining 45% one month before your arrival. This ensures that everything is prepared for your serene stay.

7. What is the cancellation policy?

Planning made flexible: For cancellations made more than 60 days before check-in, we retain 25% and provide a credit of 75% for a future stay within a year. For cancellations made between 7 to 60 days prior, there is a 40% retention and a 60% credit. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or credits for cancellations made less than a week in advance or for no-shows.

8. How far in advance should we book our retreat?

The earlier, the better: We recommend booking your retreat 2-6 months in advance to ensure your preferred dates and to facilitate meticulous planning for your perfect retreat.

9. What unique group activities do you suggest?

Embark on a spiritual journey: Discover the sacred Mahavatar Babaji's Cave, find peace at the Divine Mother Dunagiri Ma (Vaishnavi Devi) Temple, and experience local culture with walks and treks through our enchanting environs. These activities are designed to deepen your retreat experience. Learn more about activities at Dunagiri Retreat here.

10. What special touches can you offer our group?

Surprise and delight: Consider an evening of devotional Bhajan and Kirtan or a Vedic Yagya ceremony. We also offer unique experiences such as cooking classes, henna applications, and gift baskets brimming with local delicacies. These special touches will surely enchant your participants.


We trust these answers will assist you in planning a serene and enriching retreat at Dunagiri. Our commitment is to ensure an experience as tranquil and fulfilling as our majestic surroundings. Welcome to a journey of tranquility and spiritual awakening with Dunagiri Retreat!

Entrepreneur's Haven: Discovering Peace at Dunagiri
Dunagiri Retreat

Entrepreneur's Haven: Discovering Peace at Dunagiri