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--  Serenity, Divinity, Eternity  -- 


Keep close to Nature's heart...and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” ~ John Muir


We invite you to meet us at Dunagiri Retreat, where heaven meets the earth! An eco yoga retreat center for groups and individuals, we delight in hosting travellers seeking a reunion with self through nature. Set against a stunning backdrop of Himalayan snow peaks, offering you the luxury of nature’s splendor, we let you discover that beauty reveals the soul itself! Located in Uttarakhand, known as 'Devbhumi'- the land of the Gods - we are a 'shakti-peetha' or an energy center, home of the Goddess. Here, it is believed, the distance between heaven and earth shrinks, the veil between the two worlds becomes so "thin", one is actually able to perceive something of heaven itself, receiving a glimpse of the glory of God. 


While you are here at Dunagiri Retreat, you may wish to trek to cave of Mahavatar Babaji where the light of Kriya Yoga was re-born in 1862, or visit the only other Vaishno Devi temple in India. However, the Goddess at Dunagiri is the Goddess of yogis, she grants nothing but liberation! The history of Dunagiri spans not decades or centuries but 'yugas' - prince Bharat, son of Shakuntala and king Dushyant after whom India is named, was born at Dunagiri. In vedic times, Rishis chose Dunagiri to meditate, Upanishads were composed here. Dunagiri is also known for its healing powers; our forests are filled with medicinal herbs, Lord Hanuman himself came to Dunagiri to fetch the legendary 'Sanjeevini 'herb!


In an area of such natural beauty and rich heritage, we feel it is our responsibility to offer a unique and fulfilling visitor experience, and to do so in an environmentally and culturally aware and respectful manner. The facilities we offer at Dunagiri Retreat are modern, comfortable, minimalistic yet authentically 'deshi' — right down to the cow’s milk sweetened from its diet of fresh mountain herbs. Through sustainable tourism, we also fulfil our mission of maintaining the 'thin distance' between heaven and earth at this very special place. For doing so, we offer dignified livelihood to residents of the area; supplement local educational resources and provide primary and preventive healthcare.


As our guest, we invite you on a holiday like no other. We offer you a journey into the innermost recesses of the soul where the unknown actually becomes means of discovery. Here, you don’t have to try to relax, you will notice your out-breaths becoming sighs of relief. You can just let go, and it feels so good!




Yoga Teachers, Healers, Gurus and Masters are invited to conduct retreats and workshops on yoga, healing and spirituality. We take care of all arrangements for your retreat from the time your participants land in India.


The history of Dunagiri brims with enlightening myths and legends. In vicinity of Dunagiri Retreat are spectacular treks, magnificent drives and enchanting places you may wish to visit—including ancient temples, Mahavatar Babaji's cave, holy ashrams and pristine wilderness.

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