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You ask me why I dwell in the green mountain;
I smile and make no reply for my heart is free to care.
As the peach blossom flows down the stream and is gone
into the unknown,
I have a world apart that is among no one.
-- Li Po, Chinese poet of 8th Century


Dunagiri Retreat offers freedom from the madness and pressures of modern life. We offer a space where reflection and refreshment of the soul take place as people leave their busy routines behind. Meant for nature lovers and spiritual seekers who value peace, quiet and appreciate the natural grandeur of their surroundings, your stay with us will leave you refreshed, renewed and uplifted.


Inspired by the ideal that it’s love and not money that makes the world go around, Piyush Kumar founded Dunagiri Retreat in 2005 after leaving a lucrative career at the World Bank. He wanted to create a different kind of resort—one which benefits the ecology and the local population as much as it does the visitor. As a result, Dunagiri Retreat is entirely served by the villagers of this area; everyone working here is a farmer and a resident of the three villages that surround us. And together—visitor and villager alike—we attempt to realize the four guiding principles that form the heart of Dunagiri Retreat:


  • To generate sustainable livelihoods with dignity for local residents;

  • To supplement educational resources of the area;

  • To provide primary and preventive healthcare to residents and;

  • To examine how - from stones to insects to plants, humans and birds – how can we all joyously coexist together as we believe it is possible.


During your stay here, we pray you will discover all of the reasons which make Dunagiri Retreat such a special place—from its ancient and sacred history, to its pristine natural beauty, and to the positive influence of your visit for the local population. You will arrive as a guest, but leave as family having discovered “the road less traveled," as Robert Frost expressed, has made all the difference.


Dunagiri Retreat offers a "rustic-deluxe" experience—modern facilities within very remote and rural surroundings in the Himalayan wilderness. While maintaining a close relationship with nature, your comfort is our utmost concern. Our hospitality is genuine and refined—yet down to earth. Pure deshi. Right down to the fresh cow’s milk, naturally sweet from its diet of mountain herbs. 


Organic Farm-Fresh Meals
Fireside Dining and conversations
INspiring Walks & Treks
Natural Spring water
Modern Bath & Facilities
Hot Running Water

"What a special place! For a city kid to shed all their city hang-ups, quiet down and find themselves...I haven't felt this tranquil and centered ever. Thank you!" ~ Vazira, Rhode Island, USA

"Best Food I've had in India!"

~ Robert, Sydney, Australia


"Love, family, acceptance, peace, gratitude, beauty, hope, inspiration are just some of the words that come to mind to express some of the experiences I've had at Dunagiri Retreat..." ~ Linda, Manchester, U.K.

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