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Mahavatar Babaji: The Eternal Yogi of Dunagiri Retreat

Dunagiri Retreat resonates with the spiritual vibrancy of Mahavatar Babaji, the legendary figure in the annals of Kriya Yoga, vividly portrayed in "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda. Here, seekers tread a path steeped in ancient wisdom, where Babaji's presence is as palpable as the Himalayan breeze.

"In the solitude of the Himalayas, Mahavatar Babaji lives in a state of eternal youth, ever dispensing wisdom like the waters of the Ganges. He reminds us that, 'The light of God's love shines equally in all His children.' Through the practice of Kriya Yoga, he offers a path to discover that divine love within ourselves." — Paramahansa Yogananda

The Astonishing Life of Mahavatar Babaji

Nagaraj, known to the world as Mahavatar Babaji, remains an enigmatic figure, with disciples like Lahiri Mahasaya meeting him between the mid-1800s and 1935. His early life in Parangipettai, Tamil Nadu, around 203 AD, is shrouded in mystery, yet his youthful visage and wisdom have led many to believe in his eternal life, a possibility Yogananda hinted at when he mentioned Christ's visit to India and encounter with Babaji.

Babaji's Profound Influence on Kriya Yoga

Selected by Babaji to revive the ancient science of Kriya Yoga, Lahiri Mahasaya, a householder and government accountant in Varanasi, became the channel through which Babaji's advanced yogic teachings reached the earnest seekers. His life, as shared in biographies, challenges the convention, embodying the possibility of attaining spiritual mastery while fulfilling worldly responsibilities.

Journeys to Realization: Babaji's Disciples

From the famed Lahiri Mahasaya to the contemporary spiritual journey of film icon Rajnikanth, Babaji's influence extends across time and culture. Rajnikanth's transformation, ignited by an experience while reading "Autobiography of a Yogi", exemplifies the profound impact of Babaji's presence and the practice of Kriya Yoga on individuals from all walks of life.

Miracles and Teachings: The Legacy Continues

The miraculous tales, such as Vijay Krishna Goswami's transformative experience and the renditions of the Maha Mantra as prescribed by Babaji, offer glimpses into the mystical experiences surrounding Babaji's life. These stories, circulating through the devotees, further cement Babaji's stature as a divine guide and protector.

Dunagiri Retreat: A Modern Connection to Mahavatar Babaji

At Dunagiri Retreat, we embody the essence of Babaji's teachings. Visitors often wonder, "Is Mahavatar Babaji still alive? Where is Mahavatar Babaji now? Is Mahavatar Babaji real? " While we cannot claim to provide a direct encounter, our retreat offers the practices and environment that bring you closer to the spiritual enlightenment Babaji represents.

For many, a pilgrimage to the Mahavatar Babaji Cave, which located a short walk away from Dunagiri Retreat, is a journey of the soul. While we facilitate treks to this sacred site, the essence of the pilgrimage is found in the silent introspection and meditation it inspires—a journey inward, mirroring Babaji's own meditative seclusion.

"Is Mahavatar Babaji real?" This question beckons a personal exploration, one that is nurtured within the supportive environment of Dunagiri. Here, each individual is encouraged to discover their own truth, influenced by Babaji's spiritual presence.

Babaji Temple at Dunagiri Retreat
Babaji Temple at Dunagiri Retreat


Mahavatar Babaji's story, as revealed by Yogananda and through the accounts of various disciples, from Lahiri Mahasaya to George Harrison, echoes the timeless call for spiritual awakening. Dunagiri Retreat stands as a modern-day sanctuary where this call vibrates through the practice of Kriya Yoga, meditation, and the embracing silence of the Himalayas.

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