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The Property

Our 15-acre property, located a short walk from Mahavatar Babaji's Cave—the birthplace of Yoga—attracts global travelers and seekers. The site features a 50-person Yoga Hall, Pyramid Meditation Hall, a private Mahavatar Babaji temple, a Green House and Dining Hall, and five private buildings for accommodations. This serene environment is ideal for eco-tourism, yoga, and alternative wellness retreats amidst Himalayan beauty.

The Rooms

Dunagiri Retreat features 23 charming and sophisticated rooms, ranging from our 8 Standard Rooms to our 15 spacious Suites. Each room offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas, the revered Mahavatar Babaji's Cave, a seating area, western toilets, and essential amenities. Click here to check availability and prices. For additional questions about our rooms, please contact us at +919810267719.

Food & Dining

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is intricately woven into the fabric of our vegan Kumaoni cuisine, offering a unique and nourishing dining experience. Our commitment to organic farming means every meal is crafted from the purest, locally sourced produce, ensuring a feast for the senses and numerous health benefits. Food at Dunagiri, Ayurveda Vegan Kumaoni Cuisine, is a true delight to your senses. To learn more, visit the Dining page.

Activities & Excursions

Dunagiri offers a rich tapestry of spiritual and cultural activities, from visiting the revered Mahavatar Babaji's Cave and Temple to practicing yoga and exploring the region's diverse flora and fauna. Guests can embark on excursions to local spiritual sites like Vaishno Devi Temple and Ancient Dwarahat Temples or picturesque towns such as Kausani and Nainital, each offering a glimpse into India’s sacred past and vibrant village culture. These activities provide a deep connection to the spiritual heritage and natural beauty of the area.