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Welcome to Dunagiri Retreat, a very charming nature retreat in an incredibly beautiful setting within the magnificent Himalayas. Touching an astounding 8,000 feet, the lush forest setting of Dunagiri Retreat overlooks stunning snow peaks and a dramatically serene landscape. Distances seem infinite and heaven seems close at Dunagiri. They say silence speaks in a thousand whispers here, eternity flows as time seems to stand still. Very few places are left on our planet where we can enjoy tourism experiences in such pristine, tranquil and harmonius environment amidst ancient forests. A spot of stunning natural splendor, being One with nature is easy to do at Dunagiri Retreat.

Dunagiri is situated 400 km North of Delhi, it takes 10-11 hours to reach Dunagiri from Delhi. 100 km from Nainital, Dunagiri is 43 km from from Ranikhet and about 50 km from Kausani. One can travel to Rishikesh/Haridwar from Dunagiri in 6 hours. It takes 6 hours to travel from Dunagiri to Badrinath, to Valley of Flowers National Park or to the revered Hemkund Sahib. Dunagiri is within short driving distance of other popular destinations such as Jim Corbett Park, Almora, Mukteshwar, Bageshwar, Jageshwar, Munsiyari, Chaukori and Patal Bhuvaneshwar - all of these are under 5 hours drive from Dunagiri.

Our vision is to offer a space where reflection and refreshment of the soul take place as people leave their busy routines behind. It is intended for those who value peace, calmness and appreciate the natural grandeur of their surroundings. Dunagiri however is not meant for the insensitive tourist - for those looking to party with blaring music and synthetic lifestyles, we would be happy to suggest alternate destinations which are far more suited to such pursuits.

The residential facilities, private and serene, are situated amidst a stunningly beautiful estate bordered by peaceful, dense Oak forests. Surrounding the house are our very charming organic herb and vegetable gardens where everyone is welcome to come and help out. Quiet sitting areas are scattered around the farm amidst fruit trees to encourage a little peaceful meditation.

Through tourism, education, advocacy, and stewardship Dunagiri Retreat’s goal is to preserve, promote and support preservation of the culture, history and natural resources that contribute to the community identity, depth and character of the Dunagiri region.

In an area of such natural beauty and rich heritage, we at Dunagiri feel it is our responsibility to offer a unique and fulfilling visitor experience, and to do so in an environmentally and culturally respectful and aware manner. Our guests experience beauty of nature, the places, the history and the culture of India and of the Dunagiri area…all while working together to protect the environment and benefit local cultures and communities. 

Not just another tourist destination, Dunagiri's greatness lies not merely in its fascinating history and captivating beauty, it is rather the serene and spiritual atmosphere of this place that strikes the mind and brings peace to the soul. For those open to spiritual experiences, a visit to Dunagiri can be like a journey into the innermost recesses of the soul itself. A center of deep spiritual energies, Dunagiri is a site where Divine Energy manifested itself. At Dunagiri, divinity in form of Mother Goddess has been adored for FOUR YUGAS! There are only two Vaishnavi Shaktipeeths (energy centers) in India. One is near Jammu in Kashmir and the other is the Vaishnav Devi temple of Dunagiri. Several sages of ancient India had their ashrams and hermitages at Dunagiri. These ancient temples, ashrams and mystic spots of Dunagiri are within a short walking distance from Dunagiri Retreat. Dunagiri is also the birthplace of Kriya Yoga. A vivid account of the extraordinary events that occurred at Dunagiri in 1861 is given in the the famous book "An Autobiography of a Yogi" by Swami Yogananda Paramhansa.

In the words of John Muir, “Keep close to Nature's heart...and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

Dunagiri Retreat. An arrow marks the spot!
Dunagiri Retreat - nestled amongst organic gardens and ancient forests.
Dunagiri Retreat. Where distances seems infinite and heaven seems close.
Dunagiri Retreat - ancients simply marked energy spots with stones - at Pandukholi.
Dunagiri Retreat - room interiors.
Dunagiri Retreat - room interiors
Dunagiri Retreat - room interiors
Trishul Cottage verandah
Trishul Cottage Room Interiors