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Mahavatar Babaji

Dunagiri Retreat

Kriya Yoga & Spiritual Retreats in the Himalayas. Walk the sacred steps to Mahavatar Babaji's Cave.

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cnn travel featuring dunagiri retreat as one of the last 10 wilderness experiences in the world

"Glittering peaks and vivid landscapes create an environment that can calm the most unsettled of hearts."

A Retreat For Your Soul

Nestled amidst the Kumaoni Mountains of Uttarakhand, Dunagiri Retreat stands as a beacon for spiritual seekers. Founded in 2005, our eco-spiritual retreat is not just a venue to practice yoga but also a space for profound self-discovery. Revered for its proximity to the legendary Mahavatar Babaji Cave and the sacred site of Maa Durga Dunagiri Temple, Dunagiri Retreat is a gateway to the transformative teachings of Kriya Yoga as expounded by Mahavtar Babaji and elucidated in Paramahansa Yogananda's 'Autobiography of a Yogi'.

At Dunagiri, spirituality and sustainability merge seamlessly. Our eco-friendly accommodations and organic gardens are set against a backdrop of the Himalayan splendor, offering a tranquil space for meditation retreats and a deep connection with nature.

Discover the message of Kriya Yoga, walk the sacred steps to Mahavatar Babaji Cave, and explore the rich heritage of Lahiri Mahasaya and Neem Karoli Baba. Dunagiri Retreat, situated close to Dwarahat town and the charming Kukuchina village near Ranikhet, Uttarakhand attracts a large number of spiritual seekers every year, all drawn to the promise of peace and self-realization. Join us at Dunagiri Retreat, where every step is a step towards inner peace and spiritual awakening.

Meditate At Dunagiri Retreat


Are you...

Searching for something greater in life?

Immerse yourself in a period of reflection and self-discovery to uncover your desires and purpose.

Looking for a spiritual retreat in the himalayas?

Experience profound shifts as you reconnect to the divine through daily meditation and yoga practices.

In need of a mind-body reset?

Discover an approach to wellness tailored to your unique constitution that gives your mind and body what it needs to thrive.

Ready to refill your cup?

Step away from that to-do list to nourish and replenish yourself in a lasting way.

Experiencing a life transition?

Gain tools to move through periods of unease with purpose and clarity.

Wanting to live a healthier, happier life?

Uncover Kriya Yoga's secrets to thriving wellbeing and awaken the eternal source of joy within.


Guests Experience Lasting Benefits

Choose Your Path

Choose your transformational adventure at your own pace — host a group retreat or come solo.

Guests at Dunagiri Yoga Retreat Near Mahavatar Babaji's Cave

Guided Workshop Retreats

Our Guided Retreats provide an immersive experience that promotes growth, connection, and transformation. Join like-minded individuals in guided sessions focused on self-discovery and collaborative learning. Led by expert facilitators, these workshops blend structured activities with free time, fostering introspection and skill development. Ideal for those seeking personal growth, these retreats offer a supportive space for learning, ensuring you leave feeling enriched and empowered.

Self Guided Retreats Dunagiri Retreat

Self-Guided Explorations

Self-Guided Explorations offer a flexible experience for guests to celebrate, grieve, question, or transition at their own pace. It's a supportive, self-directed journey. This period is about honoring personal rhythms and desires, with healing and discovery at the core. The program, set in a beautiful landscape with a supportive community, nourishing meals, and healing practices, aims to rejuvenate and inspire guests, whether they stay for a weekend or week.

Visit Mahavatar Babaji Cave 

Discover the spiritual wonder of Mahavatar Babaji's Cave, a serene place in the Himalayas. Known as the birthplace of Kriya Yoga, this cave is a must-visit for those interested in learning about the history of yoga. Just 25 km from Dwarahat and 2 kilometers from Dunagiri Retreat, the cave is easily accessible and perfect for meditation. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or looking for peace, Babaji's Cave offers a unique experience. Learn about Mahavatar Babaji's teachings and feel the history of this sacred place.

Guest Experiences

Explore the heartwarming stories and experiences of individuals who have visited us and Mahavatar Babaji's Cave. Our guests recount transformative experiences, emphasizing the peace, spiritual insights, and serenity they encountered during their stay at Dunagiri Retreat.

Guest Experience 1
"“Everything contributed to the full success of our Qi Gong retreat: the location, the superb rooms, the billions of flowers, the delicious food and all the staff.""

Pragata, Portugal

Why Choose Us

Dunagiri Retreat offers a transformative experience for those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice in the majestic Himalayas. This revered location has historically been a tapo-bhumi, where the land's energy enhances spiritual disciplines, following the footsteps of legendary masters like Mahavatar Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya. It's the perfect setting for yoga and meditation retreats, providing impeccable hospitality, assistance with travel arrangements, and a serene environment for practice. With a focus on authentic Indian experiences, Dunagiri Retreat invites yoga teachers, healers, and spiritual practitioners to host retreats in a place where the essence of India's spiritual heritage is palpable, free from the distractions of everyday life.


For more details, please visit the Retreats page.

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1. Elevated Living

A "playground of well-being" nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Dunagiri Retreat is devoted entirely to wellbeing. The campus offers a vast array of accommodations, yoga halls, meditation rooms, and experiences, such as hikes, yoga, sound healing, wilderness exploration, and more. 


2. Yoga & Meditation Near Babaji's Cave

Retreat leaders and participants get access to our main Yoga Hall, which can host up to 40 people, our Pyramid Meditation Hall, a capacity of 20 people, and Babaji Temple, a capacity of 20 people.


3. Farm-Fresh Ayurvedic Meals

Nourish your body with clean, locally sourced vegan meals developed by our local Chef. Our light and savory meals are included (at no extra charge) with each stay and are specially designed using Ayurvedic principles to support the multi-step detoxification process so you can leave feeling better than ever.

Meet Our Founder
Piyush Kumar

Guided by the philosophy that love transcends monetary value, Piyush Kumar, a former World Bank professional, established Dunagiri Retreat in 2005. His vision was to create a retreat that harmonizes with nature and nurtures the local community, fostering a unique synergy between guests and villagers under the retreat's guiding principles.

Dunagiri Retreat is your invitation to experiencing the sacred Mahavatar Babaji's Cave, nestled in the serene Himalayas. A beacon of spiritual awakening and the birthplace of Kriya Yoga, this mystical site offers a transformative experience. Embark your journey to a spiritual awakening.

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Picture of Dunagiri Retreat Founder Piyush Kumar

Dunagiri Retreat Blog

Dive deep into the history and spiritual significance of Mahavatar Babaji's Cave. Our blog explores the revered destination, its connection to Kriya Yoga, and the transformative experiences of pilgrims. Read more about the nearby attractions and the unique journey from Dunagiri Retreat to this sacred site.

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